Sogo Survey

Since starting the doctoral fellowship, I have been looking for an online survey website with a user-friendly interface. Having tried a number of them, I have got to say the one I’m impressed most with is no doubt SoGoSurvey. Its ease of use, accessibility across platforms and most importantly the way results are compiled facilitates analysis. While I will be using this for the thesis, I am starting to think of ways I could use it as part of as well.

The registration process is fairly simple. You basically sign up using your university log in, like their account on facebook and write a medium size review of their website on a blog.

The upgrade from basic to plus account is quite significant with unlimited questions (from 30), 1500 responses (up from 125), ability to export in multiple formats and automated reminders (which, if any of you have done surveys, know how vital is to maximise reponses!).

Most importantly, as a student, it is free (including the upgrade as long as you have done the above) and given the features on offer – this is a steal!

My plan is to start evaluating the simulation course first – and once I am used to the software, I will use it to collect data for the PhD.

Need a survey website? SoGoSurvey!


Rifaximin now approved by NICE for prevention of Hepatic Encephalopathy

NICE gives the green light on Rifaximin for prevention of hepatic encephalopathy. Access the technology appraisal here: LINK

AKI in Cirrhosis

The International Club of Ascites have published their guidelines on Acute Kidney Injury in patients with Cirrhosis. A blanket definition of AKI is inappropriate for patients with cirrhosis for a number of reasons. The group suggests new definition for AKI in Cirrhotic patients and management strategy. Access the list go guidance on management of complications and associated conditions in patients with cirrhosis here.

Achalasia – Easily missed

Achalasia should not just be suspected amongst patients with dysphagia to solids and liquids but also amongst those with regurgitation unresponsive to an adequate dose  of PPI. Check out the ACG’s guidelines

Complications of Endoscopic Procedures

If you are an endoscopist or a junior doctor consenting for any gastroenterological endoscopic procedures, it is vital to know the complications of both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy. The BSG have a neat summary: Complications of Endoscopy

Pancreatitis – Think of the causes

The European Medical Journal has published a succinct review of the causes and risk factors for Acute Pancreatitis. It’s easy to stick to the G (gallstones) and the E (ethanol) in GET SMASHED- but we need to think beyond these 2. Click here to access the guidelines.

Non-cirrhotic Portal Hypertension

Informative review on non-cirrhotic portal hypertension added to our compendium. Check it out here.